The Personal Cost of Free Web Services

We all like free stuff – from stuff at a garage sale to the proverbial lunch. And why not? Well when it comes to free online services we need to take a moment and think. Consider these important key factors:

  • If the service is free, then how does the company make money?
  • If the service is free, then will the company be around in the future so the service will continue to be available?
  • Who is in control of the information I give the free service?

If you are just sharing a photo of your cat with friends, then it probably doesn’t really matter that much. But these are the considerations you really need to stop and think about each time you are giving out your personal information online. The company might be using your personal information or content and selling that to other companies to make money off of you or target you in ways you were not aware of.

Keep these in mind the next time you come across a free online service so you can stay safe and enjoy all the positive benefits of a connected world.

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